How To Draw Animals

How To Draw Animals Of All Breeds And Shapes

Learning how to draw animals is in fact a task easier than you think if you follow step by step the instructions given in the different drawing tutorials and video lessons in this page. You can have fun while learning to draw all kind of animals through online art lessons designed for adults and children. To draw animals, you don’t need any special ability since it is not an undertaking as daunting or hard as many people believe. Just enthusiasm, practice and perseverance is what is needed. Whether you are an animal lover o just want to draw your pet, you’ll find that these online art lessons give you all the explanations you need to learn how to draw a great variety of animals and also achieve a realistic drawing of them.

Basically, animal drawings can be accomplished in few steps, something we are going to see during our following practice:

How To Draw A Cat

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece”

Leonardo da Vinci

Image of cat

Let’s use this photo as a model that I took of my female cat “Lollipop” one day when she was relaxing at home (not to mention that I had to ask “for her permission” to do it!)

1st. stage: for this work, you need paper, an eraser, a HB or 2H pencil to draw lightly at the beginning and then use a 2B pencil to achieve lights and shadows. First, it is the all-important observation. Observe the shape, the colors, the lights and shadows on the body. It is what I call “making full contact” with what you are going to work. Take your time; do not rush at this stage. Every detail you gather mentally is an important piece of the puzzle when you put your drawing together.

2nd. stage: while learning how to draw animals, pay attention at the whole picture. How is the position of the animal?… is it standing up, sitting, running or just relaxing? Try to see the geometric shapes within its body. These simple basic forms can simplify a complicated object into something easy to draw. For example; in the cat on our photo we can identify a circle, ovals and a triangle to start working with. Please, copy these geometric shapes in your paper.

Tip: At this stage it is important to draw lightly. Please, pay attention at the pressure you put on the tip of the pencil.

dog drawing3rd. Stage: following this drawing tutorial comes the “polishing”. This is when you complete the animal drawings by adding details, or find construction lines that connect different parts of them. It is at this stage when we have to place together all the information about the animal we have collected through our observation, and also correct any disproportion you may have drawn at the beginning.

Final Stage: in this section of “How to draw animals” comes the “cleaning up”, when we erase lines and shapes we don’t need anymore. You can start using pencil 2B.  At this time, we include tones on our work. Also we pay special attention at each detail and at the whole drawing to check if we included everything we need to render a consistent drawing of our animal and give a final approval at the artwork. Is in this final stage in how to draw animals when comes our acceptance and surprise at what we have done.

It may happen at the beginning of your attempts that your artwork is not exactly as you were expecting; don’t worry.

The important thing is that you did it!

Remember: our drawing today is one step more in the way to perfecting our skills! So, just keep practicing!…

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