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About Us

Who is GriAL?

If interested to know about us, Griselda Albertelli is the “key” and owner of Art Lessons on Video, who since at the early age of 5 had already demonstrated her love for drawing and painting.

In 1970 she won an Art Prize about “Martin Fierro”, organized by the Education & Culture Ministry of Santa Fe State, Argentina.

In 1981 GriAl achieved the “Bachelor Degree of Visual Arts” with “Diploma on Education” at the National University of Rosario, Argentina where she graduated with honors. During the intensive five year course, she studied with well-known South-American and European teachers.

GriAl (2nd. from left) with teachers & classmates at the University-1979
GriAl (2nd. from left) with teachers & classmates at the University-1979
At her own visual art school
At her own visual art school

During the period 1980-1986 Griselda Albertelli has worked as a draftsperson within the Institute of Geography and Geology at the University of Science and Engineering of Rosario. In conjunction with this activity she has taught in her own studio instructing adults as well as children in the wonderful world of drawing, painting and sculpture.

From 1983 to 1985 she has participated in several exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Griselda migrated to Australia with her family in 1986. It did not take her long to start feeling overwhelmed with the Australian landscape and its beauty that she quickly resumed her first love which she had started to miss so much:

Art Teaching

In 1990, her qualifications were fully recognized by the NOOSR (National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition) and the ACT Department of Education. Since then she taught in many schools and colleges in Canberra where she has been very successful with her unique teaching techniques.

In 1996, she moved with her family to the Gold Coast, Queensland after having made several previous trips to this area and become enchanted by its nature. Almost immediately, she began teaching art from her own studio, with the vision of opening her own Fine Art School.

In February 2001 the vision became reality; GriAl Fine Art School opened its doors and in 2003 changed its name for GriAl College of Fine Arts & Languages, adding more courses such as: Digital Photography, Journalism and Spanish lessons.

Teaching Gallery

Teaching Qualifications

Griselda holds a tertiary degree as a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a Diploma on Education from Argentina, however off.icially recognized in Australia by the National Off.ice of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) and the ACT Department of Education

She also holds a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training.

The high level of academic achievement and artistic capacity are evident throughout her career as a lecturer in Universities, schools, public and private and TAFE for several years. She offered a variety of courses in drawing and painting for adults and children at her own “GriAl Fine Art School & Languages” on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Her Art & Styles

Her artworks have achieved a level that enables her to portray realistic images with astonishing ease. In her works she is able to represent human figure, portraits, emotions and human feelings, while others evoke oneiric (dreamlike) images of the past and present realities. Her versatility of styles can also be manifested in Abstract and Contemporary artworks. She reveals her creativity in Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Ink, and in Mixed Media techniques.

GriAl’s art knowledge is evident through the artworks she accomplishes. While some artists find their legitimate expression in sadness, darkness or even in extreme controversial art, she is always inspired by beauty. From her heart comes a vision that everybody can enjoy; witnessing a remarkable skill on painting techniques, particularly human figure, anatomy, landscape, perspective and composition.

Painting "Having dessert"
Painting "Having dessert"

Her Previous Art School

In January 2001, Griselda opened an Art School named “GriAl College of Fine Arts & Languages” on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.

At the end of 2005, “GriAl College of Fine Arts & Languages” had closed its doors due to financial stress caused by a family accident. Since then, GriAl continued to work in her own studio.

As video streaming on Internet technology has improved in the last 5 years, we are now coming back to life stronger than ever. This time we are able to provide fine art lessons world-wide in two languages under the name of “art-lessons-on-video” (English) and “arte-en-video” (Spanish).

More information on Art Lessons on Video regarding activities, social media and updates can be found in our Facebook pages.

Latest Exhibitions in Australia

  • 1990-SOLO exhibition at “El Retiro” Art Gallery (Canberra).
  • 1990-GROUP exhibition at the “Gorman House” (Canberra).
  • 1992-SOLO exhibition at Civic Public Library (Canberra).
  • 1993-SOLO exhibition at “Tilley Divine Café” Gallery (Canberra).
  • 1993-SOLO exhibition at the “Gorman House” (Canberra).
  • 1993-SOLO exhibition at Main Foyer of Acton’s Theatre No. 3 (Canberra).
  • 1994-SOLO exhibition at Canberra Business Centre (Canberra)
  • 1995-GROUP exhibition at Nova Art Gallery (Canberra).
  • 1999-GROUP exhibition at “Hinterland Heritage Festival”- Mudgeeraba (Gold Coast).
  • 2001-GROUP / MEMBERS exhibition at the “Royal Queensland Art Society” (Gold Coast).
  • 2001-GROUP exhibition with her students at the “Royal Queensland Art Society” (Gold Coast).
  • 2002-GROUP exhibition at “Marymount College” (Gold Coast)
  • 2002-GROUP exhibition with Association of Fine Artists (AFA) at the Gold Coast City Art Gallery – “Gold Coast Arts Centre”
  • 2003-GROUP exhibition with her students at “Chevron Renaissance”
  • 2002-2005 Permanent gallery & exhibitions at “GriAl Fine Arts School”.
"Immensity" - Record sale picture at the RQAS - 2001
"Immensity" - Record sale picture at the RQAS - 2001
Exhibition with her students at Chevron Renaissance - Gold Coast, Australia
Exhibition with her students at Chevron Renaissance - Gold Coast, Australia

Carlos Diaz

Husband to Griselda, he is the “hidden” technical side of this Art Lessons On Video website. Having witnessed his wife’s artistic development throughout the years and being a cabinetmaker himself, he used to make the art equipment for her. In 1992 opened his own factory of Art Equipment (“Stand-Art”) in Canberra ACT, Australia. He was involved in design & manufacture of studio easels & custom-made adjustable canvas stretchers. He was also in charge of marketing, advertising, design, manufacturing and distribution.

In January 2001 he opened with his wife an Art School named “GriAl College of Fine Arts & Languages” in Bundall, Gold Coast, where he played a very important role in the business and logistics side of the school.

Carlos is one of those multi-skilled and versatile persons that cannot easily be found. His communication and technical background are of very high standards. He is a very practical person who loves filming, computer technology, sound and video editing, web design, writing, journalism, sports, photography, astronomy, optics, cabinetmaking, wood-turning, electronics, electricity, broadcasting, philosophy and humanistic topics in general, bush-walking and overall…kayaking.

“Strange is our situation here upon earth.
Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why,
yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose.
From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know:
that man is here for the sake of other men”

-Albert Einstein-