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Have you always wanted to learn how to draw and to paint what you see, or just want to improve your self-expression on different art styles?…

Within our pages, you will find online art lessons with drawing tutorials explained step by step. They include drawing lessons where you learn how to draw people, faces, animals, flowers, landscape drawings and also figure drawing. The art lessons on our “how to paint” section contain easy to follow painting techniques to help you succeed with landscapes, figure, animals and flower painting, while your learn acrylic, oil and watercolor techniques. Also, in the same section there are art lessons about color theory and the color wheel that may assist you with your entire color mixing.

This is something I observed throughout my years of working in art:

Drawing and painting are skills that can be acquired; all you need is passion, practice and good guidance to develop.

Everybody who learns the basics of drawing and painting whilst given support and confidence can produce artworks that would make them feel proud and amazed at themselves. There is no need to go through a lengthy and boring learning to produce works of art. I have seen many people that have never followed extensive academic studies and still they are excellent artists! The simple but BIG difference is in how they observe, how they “see” the world around them; also in the way they pay attention to the fundamentals and the materials they use.

One of my endeavours in these free art lessons on video is to encourage and guide you while you learn to draw anything you want. Furthermore, how to make that important visual contact so you can produce a realistic drawing of what is in front of your eyes and render it as it is and not how you may “think” it is. To do this you don’t need any special talent to achieve a beautiful drawing or painting… So please, leave all fears behind!

–Fear is a negative block for your creativity- Even the most famous artists had to learn, practice, and make many mistakes while improving their skills to produce masterpieces! From now on during your first attempts, have in mind these words: “I CAN DO IT!”… And with this enthusiasm, get your pencils or brushes ready to do something new and exciting.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means PAINT, and that voice will be silenced” 
 Vincent Van Gogh

Once you have a little more practice, you will also know how to draw and paint those artworks you had in your mind for a long time. The most important thing is: with the help of our online learning drawing tutorials and painting techniques you’ll love what you do…

There are many questions that any student involved in drawing and painting ask at a time of their learning, (and I have also asked myself): What does it means to be creative? Perhaps the response lies within you, not just in complicated theories, art books or academies. You will find all answers reflected in your artwork; so let your creative mind guide you, do not be afraid. Take this artistic activity as a form of meditation, where the silence in your head is the only “language”; from this silence allow your mind to express itself, just let it flow

“I have a tremendous lucidity at moments when nature is so beautiful. I am not conscious of myself and the pictures come to me as if in a dream”
– Vincent Van Gogh

What Is Art?

Since my first years as an art teacher, I have been fascinated to note that irrespective of age and cultural background, everybody is capable of drawing and painting. Of course, I am referring to someone who has a predisposition for art and is eager to learn.

What does it mean to “know how to draw or paint”? There are many answers to this question. However, to draw or paint with acceptable dexterity is to represent realistically on a piece of paper or canvas something which is in front of our eyes or in our mind. To reach this objective, we need a strong desire and a good instruction, which is learnt in art classes.

My approach to art education goes beyond the achievement of teaching a student just to draw accurately. Every student has to accomplish their dream of drawing or painting accurately whilst allowing them to do a self-discovery of inner talents. In this way, you establish a profound connection with your mind and imagination, thus expressing your own style.

My philosophy, through my free art lessons on video, is for the student to experience a creative state of consciousness, as described so well by artists and scientists:

Since the dawn of humankind, men have painted animals, hands and people on the walls of their caves. Then, through great artworks of Ancient Greeks, Romans and the Renaissance artists, mankind has been improving techniques to reach the maximum perfection in human form, and the best colour theory that they want to develop at the time. Nowadays, where artistic expressions are quite often just colors that describe feelings, emotions and thoughts, we see the human race expressing, conceiving, and answering to this reality, to this universe of colors, shapes and sounds.

Did we ever ask ourselves “What is art?” There may be a different answer for each one of the millions of people in the world. To me, art is our personalized response as human beings to a reality that surrounds us; a reality that encompasses all the beauty and harmony of the universe as well as recognizing its ugliness, sadness and unpleasantness.

Can you create your own masterpiece in your daily life? It is going to be your own response to the reality of the world you are living in as you see it. Now, are you ready to transform your life and be raised to another level through art?

If you are ready to accept this challenge, art lessons on is prepared to help you learn how to draw and paint with drawing tutorials and painting techniques designed for everyone and to become a true artist.

Please, click on any specific button on the navigation bar at the top of this page to find techniques in how to draw and how to paint with free art lessons on video, drawing tutorials, painting techniques, color theory plus exercises you want to develop. This website is forever growing and new pages will be added regularly. So, please come back as often as you like to look at the updates; or you can contact us directly. Thank you.

GriAl – Griselda Albertelli

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